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New age techie’s need to know that how IoT works

Business integration is something which has started to rule the world. Now, connectivity & use of integrated technology is becoming common. It really feels good to know that technology is always in the state of advancement. Ever-changing are human needs also; it demands more flexible technology. Internet of Things is a prominent technology which is growing every day. One actually needs to know that how IoT works.

Internet of Things is all about deeply immersive analytics. Connecting your smartphone with all the things you want to control when you are away from home is really a smart approach. We are aware of the fact that IoT is all about inter-networking of devices.

How IoT Works?

Internet of Things (IoT), is basically an interconnection of devices supported by the web. These are the devices that collect, process and generate feedback on data they acquire from their surrounding environment.  This is possible by the use of embedded sensors, processors and various hardware devices for communication. These devices are actually smart devices. They are interconnected, they can communicate with each other, or just imagine! devices talking to each other. Human interaction is the most important prerequisite for the IoT infrastructure to capture data & generate feedback.  One needs to synchronize their smartphones or tablets to see the response generated by the use of IoT infrastructure. 

When the question comes in mind that how IoT works one needs to understand its always machine to machine interaction.  IoT is possible because of the two-way communication. Today whether it’s our home or workplace, everything is connected via the internet. This is what makes connecting everything so easy. IoT brought technology into the hands of the user. It enables you to access things even if you are far away from your place in a remote area. With the use of this technology, you can know what is exactly happening at your home being far away. IoT & all its applications are evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, microelectronics,  electromechanical systems and largely the use of Internet.

How IoT help us in routine life:

Consider a #Scenario:

A man likes to have coffee as he wakes up. He has a coffee machine. Daily he wakes up, goes to the kitchen, operates the machine & gets his coffee done. Now, this is time taking, as he has to rush for his work.  So here let’s see the practical application that how IoT works as we use a simplified approach.

If the man uses his smartphone & sync it with the coffee machine (coffee machines can be easily made web-enabled by using a raspberry pi kit ) he can schedule the time when he wants his coffee. With a command from his phone, he can decide the consistency of ingredients in his coffee.

When the coffee machine will be short of an adequate amount of water or coffee powder the man will automatically receive a message to keep it filled. In this way, he will get his coffee ready on the exact time he wants to have it. This is the simplest example explaining how IoT works.

So for IoT one needs to have the knowledge of integrating hardware devices & how to use wireless technology. With Digital Eklavya you can now dive deep into the concepts of IoT. Understanding IoT is now easier & most important fact is you can access this course from your own place.

There are many benefits of studying online & everyone has to keep their knowledge upgraded. We need to switch from one domain to another sometimes just for a living. Digital Eklavya keep your knowledge up-right & reach to the new heights. Nowadays skill up- gradation is very important. One needs to stay aware of all the new technologies in the market. Read More

Hope you get a brief idea that how IoT works, why techie’s and students need to have knowledge about this technology & how this makes the practical world a better place.




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Cyber Security Professionals in high demand in India


Demand for secure systems isn’t something everyone talks about! We are living in a generation where everything is undergoing the process of digitalization. With the buzz of ransomware spreading worldwide a big cyber security threat for people is just in front of us to face & accept. But we don’t have cyber security professionals in large numbers to safeguard our systems. This is something which is affecting both the normal people & the day today systems in use. For professionals, this is an imbalance between supply and demand. Cyber Professionals are always in demand and many employers ask for advanced certifications.

Need for Cyber Security Professionals:

Let’s consider an approach, let’s see this problem from a different angle. Some cyber security professionals say that the issue is partly one of perspective. We have to consider cyber-security as a specialization within the field of computing rather than as of a different field. Instead, by developing programs within organizations that identify qualified cyber security professionals and offer them training, employers will be able to create bridges into the supply-demand gap.

We in India have a smaller talent pool to stay secure.Whatever solution employers pursue, there is no doubt that cyber crime will continue to pose a major threat in the country.  There is a need to educate people about this. Cyber-Security is a major issue. Dealing with it in an efficient manner is important. The best way is to get certified security professionals.

Get the expertise you need to acquire to become a Cyber Security Professional:

There are immense opportunities for students & working professionals who want to make their career in the field of cyber security. But the major problem is how to learn. Learning from experts is what a  student wants. Guidance & proper training is something a student looks for when it comes to undertaking a course. A student needs to understand that the demand for cyber professionals is linked with a certain set of skills. A person with deep knowledge & expertise need not worry about job security.

Training becomes a major issue for those who want to build up their career in this field. You need to acquire training from the experts in this field which is not always available. One of the best ways to do so is mastering cyber security by regular practice following a proper course with expert guidance. Becoming a cyber security professional needs a lot of knowledge & expertise in the field.

Isn’t Online Training a good option?

In India, the major problem with students is the language issue. To overcome this we are working on the methodology to bring up courses online. This provides both ease of access to students & a comfortable way of acquiring knowledge.  As cyber security professionals are in high demand we are onboard with a complete online course on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.

There are many benefits of studying online & everyone has to keep their knowledge upgraded. We need to switch from one domain to another sometimes just for a living. Digital Eklavya keep your knowledge up-right & reach to the new heights. Nowadays skill up- gradation is very important. Read More

Students & working professionals passionate for this role should of cyber security professionals, try out the approach of E-learning. Getting in depth details that to0 of the advanced level is indeed a good deal. The demand for cyber security professionals is more & supply is less. It’s for sure a promising career.  The need for people to keep a check on the security of systems is always high. Cyber Security professionals can further deep dive and work as penetration & as vulnerability testers for personal clients. This line unfolds many options.