About Us

“Is it just us, or everyone around is talking about E-learning now a days?”

E-learning is something which is life changing & very convenient. We at Digital Eklavya just believe in one thing & that is to create Better & Easy ways to learn. To make E-learning better & approachable in a country like India is still a challenge. Language plays a big role as we move upside down.

Digital Eklavya is India’s first Multilingual E-learning platform. A place where anyone can learn technical & non-technical courses in their Regional Languages. We have brought the best teachers & industry experts together, so that anyone can learn whatever they prefer to in their own language & own convenience. We assure to provide you online support & assistance. Certifications, project ideas & toolkits is a extra factor. So now learning will be more easy & accessible.

Made in India, with the idea driven by passion. “Now language should not be a barrier in the path of learning”

Why Digital Eklavya

We hope you are getting a glimpse of what Digital Eklavya is all about . We at Digital Eklavya are going to provide a platform to nurture & cherish the goals of students & working professionals from there own place & with their own convenience. As when access to technology becomes easy then life becomes comfortable.

It’s a wonderful platform which is open to everyone. Where you will choose. We will provide our best knowledge & Support to you . We will also provide Certifications. Isn’t it a yummy cookie to have.

Our Vision

We have a vision over the thought process of becoming ‘Your Online Teaching Partner’. Our dream to come with the vision that across India where language becomes the major problem and cuts corners apart let’s technology be made available in someone’s own language.