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Techie’s in India really getting deficient with their skills?

Think about this, the current scenario of Indian’s working in IT industry is deteriorating day by day.  The demand of IT industry needs to be fulfilled; if not so then things can just be adverse. In today’s scenario, the Indian IT Industry is facing the same trouble. Now being an employee in an IT industry is no more a matter of pride. If you are not keeping yourself upgraded you may be at a risk of being fired as the IT industry is coming to a standstill. The Indian IT industry is facing several challenges which have taken jaw-dropping results out off the prestigious corporate sector.

There are a few challenges that indicate a difficult future for India’s IT companies, at least in the short term, let’s say a time span of next 4 to 5 years. Working for an IT company will be a longing risk. You will always live in the fear of getting fired on the basis of performance appraisal. Recently Wipro the 3rd largest IT giant in India has fired around hundreds of people on the name of Performance Appraisal.  Wipro said its comprehensive performance evaluation process includes mentoring, re-training and also analysis of skill set of employees as the news channels have been displaying. The development to this issue comes at a time when Indian IT companies start facing an uncertain environment given. Which are the curbs being proposed on worker visa norms by various countries like the US, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand & also many other countries?


These companies use temporary work visas to send employees to work on client sites. With visa programs in these countries becoming more rigorous, Indian IT companies are likely to face challenges in a movement of labor as well as an up gradation in operational costs. Indian IT companies get over 60 percent of their revenues from the North American market, about 20 percent from Europe and the remaining from other regions. With the H1-B visa becoming more difficult to be accessed now for Indians as the rules have been changed there is a constant fear & uncertainty in the corporate world.

Now the point is how to keep oneself upgraded with the skill sets so as to stay away from the fear of getting out of the job in the IT sector. Let’s discuss some points regarding this.

  • When we compare our education system with other countries we can see the difference easily. Other countries have a much more upgraded education system.
  • The people especially the youth in our country are not at all bothered about skill up gradation. One needs to work on this to make sure they have a stable job.
  •    High-level training on latest technologies is provided only by the multinational companies. Outside it’s not available so that one can learn in order to enhance their skill set.

Online Summer Training by Digital Eklavya

The basic point is in India there are least resources if we think students can grab meaningful content & do something innovative. Let’s come to a solution to this problem. It will be good enough to say that almost 80% of the population is intact with the use of internet in India. Why not use the power of online resources to be technically strong. Going for E-learning is the best option for the students & youth working with various firms across the country.

If one needs to work on a certain area one needs to put an effort also. E-learning is a very good option as it provides you ease of access that too at your own time & with your own convenience. Such online resources if combined together at a single platform will be a better deal don’t you think.
Such an amazing E-learning platform is Digital Eklavya. The best part about digital Eklavya is it’s a multilingual E-learning platform.

All the new & industry oriented courses on a single platform for sure is a yummy cookie to have. Visit the platform & register yourself into the courses which will help you rebuild your skill & knowledge. Rather having fear of losing good opportunities, let’s believe in building new ones by skill up gradation.

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